We’re proud to work with our partners to create a world where businesses and society grow stronger together.

All companies are looking to improve their results, be that customer/employee experience, safety, innovation, financial performance, you name it. Our job is to help you create a culture that will allow you to deliver on your ambitions.

Meet Some of Our Partners

Global Impact

At Our Best

A global banking firm


The firm wanted to create a competitive advantage by creating an environment where people could be at their best, working with the best interests of customers in mind. The culture change programme served as a platform for communicating the values across the Group. The solution explored ways for employees to stand up for what matters when it matters; take responsibility and work collaboratively to make better decisions; and continuously improve and resolve issues by building a feedback culture.

The Impact

Over 100,000 employees attended the At Our Best training, resulting in one of the most fundamental transformations of how a bank is run in history. 16 metrics mapped to four Strategic Enablers evidenced how prioritising values and culture drove positive outcomes including improved succession plans, better workforce diversity, increased staff performance and higher standards of service delivery. On completion, Euromoney named the company ‘World’s Best Bank’, saying “They have created a global bank that works, rather than one that merely exists.”

Thank you for delivering our values and culture change programme. It was the most inspiring session I’ve attended during my long career. I am already using the tools you taught us and finding more ways to be at my best everyday.

– Jayne Colman

Safe by Choice

A global pharmaceutical company


The company wanted to drive a proactive culture of safety across their global manufacturing division. The solution was centred on control being a choice, and a shared responsibility between employees and leaders to get to zero incidents. Employees explored ways to inspire will, build skills and ensure the use of tools and process, with leaders committing to consistently model, coach and require the desired behaviours.

The Impact

Over 20,000 employees participated in Safe by Choice, creating a culture of ownership to achieve the goal of ‘target zero’ incidents. Lost time and recordable injuries fell, operational improvements were realised and, over a period of 18-months, the organisation moved from the bottom to top quartile globally for safety.

We wanted to move to a culture where all colleagues took personal responsibility for their own safety and that of their colleagues. The facilitators’ ability to engage and energise our colleagues around the programme was second to none. We have seen that it is making a significant difference day-to-day with our culture moving to one where colleagues speak up about safety issues, intervene to ensure their colleagues safety, and are taking more personal accountability to own their safety.

– John Smith

Leaders as Teachers

An international financial institution


The firm wanted to promote a culture of continuous learning by developing senior executives to play a key role in developing the next generation of leaders. The training focussed on five core aspects to deliver ‘leader-led’ training programmes: presenting key messaging clearly and succinctly, delivering thought provoking debriefs; the art and science of storytelling; techniques to promote engagement; and personal branding.

The Impact

To date, over 1,000 senior leaders have been certified to facilitate sessions, harnessing the power of learning and knowledge as drivers of competitive advantage. The flagship programme supported the rise of the corporate university, aligning development activities to the strategic objectives of the business, and positively impacting knowledge sharing, employee experience, and the development of networks and partnerships.

The course has made me more self-aware and showed me how to present ideas that stand out, will be repeated, and can create purposeful change. The facilitator was phenomenal. The most experienced and inspiring leadership trainer I’ve ever seen.

– Martin Vrany


A global performance-improvement company


The client wanted to move from a trainer model to a community of world-class leadership experts demonstrating coaching and ‘new world’ facilitation skills. As part of the transformation, four Strategic Enablers were identified, with efficiency and effectiveness (impact) metrics being tracked against each core area of the project. Technology was leveraged to develop faculty connectedness, launching an online community platform to keep facilitators up-to-date with learning delivery, while driving active engagement and collaboration through sharing best practice and thought leadership across the globe.

The Impact

An end-to-end faculty management structure was implemented, expanding faculty coverage across geographies to meet language requirements. The client experienced a 70% increase in certifications, along with significant improvements in L1 and L3 evaluation data. As a result, the initiative has been deployed across all regions and faculties across the business.

Marmalade Fish was engaged to consult on a learning and leadership project with the aim of building a world-class leadership faculty across 21 countries in Asia Pacific. The team delivered on ambition by cultivating relationships, energising the team, and creating a radical shift in culture and engagement. The results were remarkable and the model has now been replicated across all programmes to serve 230,000 employees.

– Sonja Hochreiter