As the years pass, it is not uncommon to keep our eyes fixed on the horizon in our quest to survive and succeed. We look ahead at what is just out of reach, our next goal, a new career, the pay raise we have been waiting for, relationships we are dreaming of, or the weekend activities we have planned.

The key to creating the life that you want and deserve is to be fully aware and fully present in your daily life. Know that every thought, feeling, belief and action is creating your reality. Stay aware of your moment-to-moment choices and choose with intention.

“How can I serve?” is the question I have come to ask. As you go about your day, look for opportunities to be of service – perhaps you will hold the elevator door for someone rushing, or you might share a smile with another. Maybe today you will enquire about a volunteer project you’ve been thinking about. Service doesn’t need to involve grand gestures. It is about understanding our unique talents and using them to bring happiness to others and ourselves. When we freely share our gifts with others, we really give back to ourselves.

Regardless of where we are or aspire to be, we are in exactly the place we are supposed to be. Each choice you have made throughout your life has brought you to this very moment. There is nothing more powerful and empowering than honouring your true nature, standing in your truth, and revealing your authentic self. When we accept who we are, just as we are, we take an essential step on the journey to aligning with our true purpose and destiny. Abundance lies in knowing that this moment is perfection.