We are all living a personal story. If you don’t love your story, it’s likely that the next chapter will repeat more of the same.

The story you can love needs to contain new elements. One storyline that is fulfilling at every stage of life is about transformation, letting go of the unwanted past and walking into the new bright present. In this story, the characters embrace change, growth and evolution.

To show you how much potential is available in every second just look around this room. Instead of seeing what you always see, consciously see three new things. It could be the angle of the sunlight, the expressions of people, or the details in the carpet. By increasing awareness we can start to notice things we didn’t see before.

Children look with wide-eyed wonder at practically everything. What happened to make us stop us seeing our stories as wonderful? We trained our brains to ignore the familiar where any two days are more alike than different. After all, wonder comes from a new perception and fades with repetition. 

In order to create wonder all that is needed is the intention to let things be new. Open yourself to the possibility of perceiving and feeling your world differently. For example, two people can look at the same chair — one sees a rickety old rocker with the arms coming unglued, and the other sees a beloved grandparent for whom this was a favorite chair. The chair is the same but these people have turned it into two very different perceptions.

When your perceptions shift your personal story shifts too. Most people have their telescopes turned outwards; they are waiting for better scenery to show up, populated by nicer people and possessions. Inside yourself is the control switch to any perception. Turn the telescope around and you’ll realize that things become better because of you, not because of externals. At any given moment when you apply a negative tag to your experience, you’re missing an opportunity to unburden yourself.

Consider the themes you want your story to be about. For myself, I want my story to be about service, playfulness, evolution and love. Just by having that intention my life story will be filled with those qualities. It is the power of intention that drives our realities

We become the story we tell ourselves because you are the author. When you let go of the stories that no longer serve you, you create a new story with endless possibilities. And what a beautiful possibility you are.