Marmalade Fish was formed in 2015 to awaken consciousness in business and fundamentally change the way employees engage with organisations.

Transformation is tough

Research shows that 70 per cent of complex, large-scale change programmes don’t reach their stated goals. Common pitfalls include a lack of employee engagement, inadequate management support, poor cross-functional collaboration, and a lack of accountability. Furthermore, sustaining a transformation’s impact typically requires a reset in mind-sets and behaviours, and a realignment to values and purpose.

How we do it

Transformation requires a unique set of skills, behaviour and experience. We support the development of this critical skill and empower your people to accelerate and embed change.

What we focus on

At the heart of our work is understanding the strategic enablers that will transform your business. We then map and align activities to the enablers in order to create a commercial, outcome-based approach.

The Result

We bring values and culture to the front and centre of how you do business by embedding them across the employee lifecycle, creating an intentional culture that enables you to deliver on your ambitions. In doing so, we help you discover your ‘Ikigai’, a Japanese word that translates simply as ‘reason for being’. The result is improved customer experience, engagement, enablement, empowerment, accountability and financial performance.


We have a proven track record of delivering on ambition. Learn more about our global impact here.


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